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2007/12/13 10:21

Mon intellectuelle américaine préférée

Trop à droite pour la gauche, trop à gauche pour la droite, trop radicale pour le centre (My kind of thinker!), Camille Paglia, nous livre son survol mensuel de l’actualité politique et culturelle américaine. Délicieux, comme toujours.

Si vous ne lisez qu’une chronique américaine par mois, je vous conseille Paglia.


Is there a lamer duck than George W. Bush? Bumbling and fumbling even more than usual in his inability to finesse the embarrassing release of an intelligence report on Iran’s stand-down of its nuclear program four years ago, Bush has seemed moody and unnerved by his marginalization in the news, which is swamped by sharp primary skirmishes in both parties.

With Vice President Dick Cheney, our Styrofoam iron chancellor, having been rushed to the hospital the prior week for yet another heart scare, the U.S. government seemed to have an ominous vacuum at the top. But America’s enemies shouldn’t relax: Nothing is more dangerous than the reflexive lashing out of a regime in decline. Iran is still a mighty big target for an inept administration desperate for a legacy. Never mind the innocent Iranian civilians who will be slaughtered in a “surgical” aerial bombardment. Nameless, faceless, they don’t matter in the White House craps game of high-stakes Mideast strategy.

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