2008/11/04 16:45

Ralph Nader, satiriste?

L’éternel candidat marginal Ralph Nader a mis fin à sa campagne aujourd’hui en livrant une conférence de presse dans laquelle il avertit les journalistes qu’afin de refléter l’aspect trop axé sur la clip de la couverture électorale il n’offrirait que des réponses d’un mot.

Les journalistes ont joué le jeu semble-t-il et les experts de FirstRead chez MSNBC nous en livrent un extrait:

The stilted question-and-answer session felt at times like a bad game of “Jeopardy.” Reporters played along with little protest and reached for questions that led to one-word answers. Many even started asking one-word questions, though that wasn’t in the rules.

But there were some telling moments. Here’s a sampling:

What is your opinion of Obama? “Clever.”

What is your opinion of Palin? “Developing.”

How much money did you raise for your campaign? “Insufficient.”

Why do you keep running for president? “Justice.”

Will you be elected president? “No.”

When do you think you will win? “Sometime.”

What should Bush do on his last day in office? “Surrender.”

Will Obama be able to provide tax cuts to 95 percent of the population? “Impossible.”

What is your opinion of the media? “Servile.”

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