2008/02/11 15:15

Une course signé George W. Bush

Sullivan nous livre un papier dans lequel il explore à quel point George W. Bush est le principal auteur du succès de McCain, de l’émergence d’Obama et du déraillement graduel du scénario Clinton.

And Bush is also the reason, I would argue, that Hillary Clinton’s meticulously planned coronation as the next Democratic nominee came unstuck.

It came unstuck because the depth of the Democrats’ disgust with Bush required more than just partisan revenge. And in the glare of the campaign, the Clintons began to represent for many Democrats the kind of politics that Bush himself had mastered. They remembered that before Karl Rove there had been Dick Morris: political consultants skilled at dividing and polarising electorates to get their candidate a 51% victory. Would reelecting the Clintons be in some way an endorsement of continuing Bush-style politics?

If Bush had not so enraged and dispirited liberals, Clinton would have been fine as the next career politician running their machine. But Bush had become for this generation of Democrats what Nixon had become for a previous generation. And they wanted a revolution against him and all he represented. They wanted someone who had clearly opposed the Iraq war in the first place and would not foment a new one against Iran. They wanted someone who wouldn’t require translation by Washington professionals – but could instead inspire and rally the broader public.

En autres mots, Bush a réussi à tellement décourager et dégouter les américains que cela a éveillé quelque chose en eux qui a rendu possible (qui demandait) une candidature transformative comme celle d’Obama.

C’est croire qu’il faudrait presque le remercier.

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