Le chroniqueur du Los Angeles Times (et guidoune médiatique) Joel Stein nous fait part, dans un papier délicieux, de sa gêne profonde à ressentir ce qu’il ressent pour Obama. Après avoir longuement élaboré sur le fait qu’il est tombé sous le charme (“I want the man to hope all over me.”), il nous explique:

Still, I can’t help but feel incredibly embarrassed about my feelings. In the “Yes We Can” music video that will.i.am made of Obama’s Jan. 8 speech, I spotted Eric Christian Olsen, a very smart actor I know. (His line is “Yes we can.”) I called to see if he had gone all bobby-soxer for Obama, or if he was just shrewdly taking a part in a project that upped his Q rating.

Turns out Olsen not only contributed money, he volunteered in Iowa and California and made hundreds of calls. He also sent out a mass e-mail to his friends that contained these lines: “Nothing is more fundamentally powerful than how I felt when I met him. I stood, my hand embraced in his, and … I felt something … something that I can only describe as an overpowering sense of Hope.” That’s the gayest e-mail I’ve ever read, and I get notes from guys who’ve seen me on E!


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